Sophia Stieglitz Mori

Filmmaker / Photographer

Born in Mexico City, Sophia was raised by filmmakers, discovered a passion for filmmaking and photography early in her childhood and built her first camera by the time she was eight.

Sophia has an MFA in Cinematography from the respected American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California and has been traveling the world shooting films, commercials, music videos and documentaries. Holding awards for Best Cinematography at The Barcelona Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2007, Best Adapted Short Film at The Sitges Film Festival in 2012 and Best Fictional Short Film at the Baja Cine Fest 2017 among other nominations and prizes.

Demonstrating passion and determination in her craft, she has developed a unique, sensible style and distinctive visual storytelling. She is highly proficient with 35mm film and professional video cameras,  always up to date with the up and coming technologies available on the market.

In her free time she likes to explore and create using different mixed media art forms.

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